Friday, September 20, 2013

Awkward combination of topics in this post: The Pope, North Star and Affirmation

The Pope seems like a pretty cool guy.  Yesterday, he said the church is too "obsessed" with gays (and other stuff) that actually deters from its mission to be a "home for all."


Yes, Pope Francis still believes homosexual relationships are sinful, yadda, yadda, yadda.  But his words yesterday were kinda refreshing.

Sometimes I wish some LDS members would feel the same way.  The church should focus on being a "home for all."  This all came together in my mind after reading the news stories on the Pope and a NASTY discussion in the North Star Google Group about Affirmation.

Last weekend, Affirmation held their annual conference.  It made big news because ex-NFL QB Steve Young and his wife Barb were the featured speakers.  I did not attend, but read some positive articles online.  I sense it provided some hope for the Moho's and it seems those that left the conference had some nice warm fuzzies.

Someone in the North Star group mentioned the Affirmation Conference and it went downhill from there.  I wish the Original Poster knew that North Star and Affirmation are like oil and water.  (You'd think all gay Mormons would get along.)   The preceding comments were horrible.  One North Star member even said Barb Young is "extremely ignorant of sound fundamental principles."  Ouch.  Someone tried to calm the crowd saying Affirmation provides plenty of good, prevents suicide, provides love for everyone.  But that didn't help.  Hurtful and hateful remarks were thrown at the person trying to back Affirmation.

I'll never understand how people who "live in harmony with the teachings of Jesus Christ and the doctrines and values of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" can be so hateful and un-Christlike.

Sadly the discussion on Affirmation is similar to many of the posts on North Star.  Some people need to take the Pope's advice and remember that church is "a home for all."

I have plenty of beef with North Star.  I hate myself for even finding the group.  I plan on writing more on my thoughts and feelings of them.  And since this is MY blog, it's more appropriate to do it here, than try to share my opinion on similar discussion groups.

Ok.  That rant's over.  TGIF everyone.  Have a good weekend.  (Except for that person who reads this post 3 months from now on a Monday and is all WTF?!)



  1. LOL to the final parenthetical! It's Saturday for me, so I'm good.

    I'm pretty glad I read this, because while I've definitely sensed a division between those who've stayed with the church, and those who didn't in the the MOHO crowd, I didn't know there was animosity. We're already so SO isolated into a tiny minority, there's no need to break us down even more! I don't know whether I'll ever find myself fully back in the church, but I certainly won't do so with a group that can't love me either way. It's difficult determining which morals I'll keep from my Mormon upbringing, but love and empathy are certainly two that I intend to always strive to improve upon.

    1. It is quite sad how divided we all are. I have plenty of stories I hope to eventually share. And yes, I advise you to stay with those who will love you either way.