Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Last call for your Moho secrets!

On Saturday, I asked you to share your short secrets.  And every time I see the title I wrote: "Latter Day Confessions: Tell me a secret!" I think of some sleazy magazine article. That's not my intention. I want to give the chance for those who haven't shared their story - to speak out anonymously. (And those who have already shared their story to speak out as well!)  This whole idea came together after I blogged a bunch of short statements on my mind.  

Four days later, the response has been amazing. You've bared your soul to me and I appreciate the comments you've anonymously sent. I think the secrets will be a huge eyeopener for many of us. We'll understand more the deep feelings people have being gay and Mormon. (And hopefully our Mormon friends who aren't gay can get a glimpse into our minds.)  

But I want to give you more time. Keep your secrets coming until this Saturday, Dec. 14 and I'll publish them all on Sunday the 15th.

If you're scared that you'll be the only one sharing - have no fear - I already have at least a dozen secrets - so yours will fit into the mix quite nicely.

I have no way to track you - I can't even write you back to thank you for the secret (unless you send me an email.)

Use the contact form on the right.  Put "Anonymous" in the name field, my email address in the email field (gaymormonsouthpaw AT gmail DOT com) and a 1-3 sentence secret or confession.  (Check out the original post for more info. including MY secret!)

You have a couple more days to think of something.  Thanks, friend!

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