Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Scent of a Man

Well, hello there! Time for my quarterly check-in! :) Yes, it's been awhile, and I hope everyone is doing fabulous. Lately, I've seriously thought about doing another round of Moho Confessionals. You know, for all the new readers. :) It's the 3rd most read blog post and think it might be fun to bring it back. Thoughts?

Moving on. Some will say that scents can be a powerful memory trigger. I wholeheartedly agree with this theory. When I get a whiff of the hair spray I used as a teenager, it immediately takes me back to high school. When I smell a particular detergent that we used on my mission, it immediately takes me back to knocking doors and doing street contacts. When I make random trips to a certain office that uses apple cinnamon air fresheners year round, I immediately think to Christmas. When I smell bacon, I just get happy.

I sometimes think my sense of smell is stronger and more impactful than the rest because I usually associate things to their odor - good or bad. And for that reason, I try to have a pleasing scent. Good body wash, deodorant, cologne, etc. Same goes for my home. I've smelled some guys' apartments and they smell like feet and sweat - that doesn't fly in my living quarters. I've got a good dose of plug-in air fresheners (not overpowering!) and will usually light a couple candles when people come over. (Confession: I light candles when I'm alone too.)

Why all the talk about smells? Well, there was this guy that visited my work, and his scent was amazing. I can't describe it. It wasn't your typical Acqua di Gio or Eternity. It was unique, subtle and masculine. It could have been a mix of soap and cologne with a hint of Gain detergent. I wanted to trap the odor in a box and carry it around my neck. I didn't want him to leave! And even when he left, the scent lingered for several minutes. Looks-wise, the guy was average, but I was so attracted to him by scent alone.

On many occasions, I've wanted to ask a random guy what cologne he was wearing, but have held back for fear I was giving the impression that I was flirting or something. (Do straight guys mind if gay guys ask about cologne choices?!) I do remember a cashier at Best Buy smelling good (again my sense of smell is really strong!) and asking him what he was wearing. He replied "Nautica Blue," but when I smelled a sample at the store, it smelled nothing like him. I'm always looking for new scents, which is why I have the desire to ask random people what cologne they're wearing. And on that note, anybody care to share their favorite colognes?  :)

Smell ya later.